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All group classes are $15 per class.

Pilates Class

Monday 10am, Friday 7:00am (1 hour session)

A mat work class using a variety of equipment, Fitstrips, foam rollers, Pliates weights, ankle tubing, glinders and Fitballs. We cater for the very beginner through to the advanced participant and specialize in developing core abdominal strength flexibility and relaxation.

Pliate workouts aim to give you long, lean and toned muscles, better posture, a healthy pain-free back and calm mind.

Abs & Butt Class

Thursdays 5:15pm (35 mins)

An intense low impact toning class targeting your Core, Legs and Glut muscles. Suitable for all Fitness levels.

Boxfit Class

Mondays 5:30pm (1 hour)

Boxing for Fun and Fitness! Boxing is not only a fantastic cardio workout, but a great way to gain empowerment. We introduce the basic moves. Social, self-empowering and fun, exercise classes based on boxing techniques are fast becoming the most popular group activity in health clubs – especially among women.

“Boxing is the fast track to a strong, lean body. It can strengthen the arms, thighs, bottom, shoulders, abdominals and wrists – a vulnerable area as women age. “You also get teamed with a partner, so you have a ready-made exercise buddy, and there’s something about throwing punches that makes everyone feel stronger”.

Core Strength Fitness

Tuesday & Thursday 6am (1 hour)

Improve your core strength with dynamic & static movement and interval & resistance training. Strength training provides great conditioning and lean bodies. With a focus on Core strength this class is a must do. It is designed to be easy to follow and target strength building as well as muscular endurance.


Wednesday 6:00am (1 hour)

This fitness class incorporates a variety of equipment for maximum cardio benefit. FUN and FRANTIC! class format. This class is guaranteed to get the heart rate up.


Due to demand, bookings are essential. CONTACT US for more information.

An up-tempo workout on a stationary exercise bike for calorie burning and muscle shaping. 35 minute class.

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